Following on from Ice coast kills shit's recent masterpiece Dingbat, which we posted the other day, here's another banging full-length snowboard film from a US crew who call themselves "Make Friends of Die!" There seem to be so many of these boys that it's hard to keep up - and no, we haven't heard of most of them either, although Signal team rider Jake Olson-Elm and Academy mainman Jonas Michilot do put in cameo appearances. But for the most part, this looks like a bunch of mates just pissing around, and having fun on their boards. No sponsors to speak of, and no sales agenda either. OK, so the filming may be a little bit shaky, and the editing a bit shonky, but the riding's actually pretty rad, and they find some sick spots to film. And anyway, listening to the whoops they get from their mates after they land every trick, you'd be a heartless bastard if you said this was anything but a legit movie. Let's have some more of this lads!