Being Brits, we know a thing or two about improvising when it comes to getting our snowboard fix. But seriously, even we have to admit we've been outdone in the "making the most of what you've got" stakes by this group of young Russians. Coming from some arse-end-of-nowhere mining town in the Urals hasn't stopped them getting their shred on - they just ride down slapheaps instead of snow!

We're loving the protective gear they wear to ride it - certainly makes a change from your usual baggy pants - although we'd hate to think what's in that stuff that they're scared of. Asbestos poisoning anyone?

Thanks to my sister Melissa for spotting this one, and for translating some of the accompanying spiel, which apparently read: "So we donned our protective clothes, and shredded the virgin slagheap!" We're guessing slag doesn't have the same double-meaning in Russian... ;-)