As consumers of snowboard media we're all familiar with timelapse video - the art of taking a series of still images and speeding them up to show a changing scene in fast motion. They definitely have a tendency to be a little over used in snowboard flicks but when done right, they're nothing short of breathtaking.

This week's Friday Find comes from the iconic city of San Francisco where Simon Christen produced this mesmerising timelapse showing the city's famous fogs cascading in. It's easily one of the best we've seen this year.

We challenge you to play it on full screen, with a pair of headphones plugged in and not get goosebumps when the sun rises over the horizon just after the 2 minute mark. Absolutely stunning stuff.

For an equally inspiring timelapse vid (with a rather familiar soundtrack!) check out this one from Yosemite that we posted last year.