Ok, so regular Friday Find viewers will know that being the sophisticated chaps we are here at Whitelines, we're always open to a spot of toilet humour - even more so when it's educational as well as bloody hilarious. In this video, we learn how to 'make a cake' on the 'ancient squall toilets' that you'll no doubt come across if you ever find yourself in China. It also arms us with invaluable skills that can be applied if we ever find ourselves stuck out in the wilderness, in need of a nature poo, and armed only with a single piece of toilet paper... Don't be a Karl Pilkington now, watch this and learn to do it the right way. Trust us, it's not easy.

As a side note, while we sit here watching videos about how to take a dump in China, Ed, our esteemed editor-in-chief, is out in Japan riding epic powder and generally being a jammy git. He even has his own personal Japanese techno toilet that probably sings to you and gives you a massage (on top of the obvious 'self-cleaning' functions) in his room. Like we said, jammy git.