Here's a sweet little edit from Route One with highlights of Saturday's Big Air Invitational at Freeze. It's a pretty frantic cut, and not only does it pretty much feature all of the major tricks and slams to have gone down, but it also manages to capture the electric atmosphere and excitement of the night really well in the process.

We're loving Gonzilla.TV's Sean Miller and Battle of Britain silver medallist Scott Penman's commentary in this and contrary to what you may gather from this video, the pair did actually scream a few words other than 'backside!', 'yes yes yes!' and 'laaand it!' We also get a look at Billy Morgan's glorious three final hits that had him securing the first British win in London Freeze history with a huge backside rodeo, an ├╝ber tech backside double cork 1260 and a massive laid out backflip for his victory lap. The boy's a legend.

You can read how the gripping final went down in our full Freeze 2012 write up.