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We have to admit that with all the high profile teasers that have been dropping over the last few weeks, we’d kind of forgotten that we hadn’t yet seen anything yet from #Forum (that’s ‘Hashtag Forum’ to all of you that boycotted social media long before Twitter started blowing up).

So imagine our excitement when we woke to a brand new one from one of the most solid freestyle teams in snowboarding right now - always nice to have a surprise once in a while. #Forum is the follow up to last year’s incredibly solid Vacation and judging by the trailer will be full of lofty backcountry hits and big urban hits from the likes of Andreas Wiig, Pat Moore, Jake Welch, Nic Sauve, Austin Sweetin, Cam Pierce, Mario Kaeppeli and Daniel Ek (watch out for his massive laid out backflip at 1:46). Interestingly Forum jib veteran Stevie Bell and young Norwegian ripper Alek Oestreng are both absent from this one. Although it still looks #superradamazingawesomeinsertotherrandomadjectivehere. Sorry couldn't resist.