Flow never used to be the core-est brand in the world, but these days they've gathered a pretty rad team round their campfire. There's Olympic bad boy Scotty Lago, who must have one of the finest methods in halfpipe riding, Go Pro hero Tim Humphreys, all-round legend Mike Basich and a couple of other yanks... And then there's Euros, who include uber-shred chick Sarka Pancochova and Petja 'I'm-not-just-Peetu's-younger-brother-honest' Piiroinen. To showcase their cool new talents, and to celebrate the fact that everyone loves their boards these days, they've decided to release a really shockingly neon bright team film this year. It's called Witness the Sickness, and we have to say, it does look like it'll be pretty sick. This is only the intro, so keep your eyes peeled for the full film dropping soon on and our sister site