Here's another behind the scenes look at the filming of Absinthe's Resonance. Not that it was getting old or anything (we'd be more than happy to watch a full web series of Nicolas Müller riding powder), but we've finally moved away from Laax and are now in Arlberg with Danny Kass, Gigi Rüf and Eric Jackson. Danny sacks off London Fashion Week to film with Absinthe - as if that would ever be a difficult decision to make, and boosts some solid all-American hammers off a wind lip feature. Along the way the crew also encounter some angry locals and Eric Jackson, try as he might, is just a little too American to calm the agro Austrian dude without a little help from Mr. unconfrontational, Gigi Rüf. We can picture the conversation now:

Agro Austrian dude: "My friends are coming now, we live here! You cannot ride here!"

E-Jack: "Chill out dude, we're like, all snowboarders here. Like, peace out man."

Agro Austrian dude: "Where are you from? America?? Nein!"

Gigi: 'We have bratwurst und sauerkraut ja? Come eat with us and we'll all shred together peacefully ja?"

It could just be us but we'd be pretty frickin' stoked if the Absinthe crew came to shred our local spot (in our case, Hemel). It'd be like the Queen stopping by at your house to use your bathroom.