This episode of Absinthe's Flipside reads like an imaginary episode of (homosexual?) Hollyoaks: Eric Jackson ditches Danny Kass only to hook up with Lucas Debari in Canada. Danny is understandably heartbroken but is able to get over Eric by pairing up with Gigi Rüf instead. Danny and Gigi have a good thing going for a while until Gigi starts doing the same trick as Danny which begins to rub Danny up the wrong way. Eventually Danny is able to accept Gigi's flaws and they make it up to each other by stomping the same trick in harmony.

All imaginary soap storylines aside, there's some really tidy snowboarding in this episode (how sick is Danny's front seven tailgrab at 3:02?) and it's rad that the guys managed to get some shots on the kicker, despite running into a shouty Austrian local in the last episode.