Back in July, Dalikfodda, in association with Monster, put on one heck of a contest at Castleford Sno!zone - if you could even call it that. A super creative course designed by Jon Russell, Ian Ashmore, Tom Guilmard and Will Smith, resembling a mogul field (a snowboarders worst nightmare right? Wrong!) complete with gas pipes and unlimited possibilities for lines, was carefully sculpted and accordingly ripped to shreds by some of the UK’s finest. Fivers were handed out to successful tranny finders and scotch eggs and pornos were dished out to those taking the biggest slams, all to the grungy guitar driven anthems of the brilliantly named ‘Steak.’

Our friends at Gonzilla, Grindhouse and The Reason were there to document what looks like a right old mish-mash of free beer, pastry snacks and snowboarding. And as the edit shows, rad lines were scoped and many a tranny was found. At the end of it all, Jamie Nicholls deservedly walked away as Tranny Finder General, taking home his very own shit trophy. Looks like a fun time was had by all, an easy feat when the course is unique, the beer is flowing and everyone’s enjoying the tranny on offer – let’s have more contests like this please!