Young Scottish rider Fin Bremner recently hit us up with the news that he's looking for a new brand to hook him up with fresh threads in return for chucking snowboard tricks in parks across Europe. Fin spent part of this season out in Meribel training with the GB Junior team before making the journey over to Tignes (not Tinges) for the Brits.

His edit here is a collection of shots from that trip, and while we reckon there's definitely a bit of room for improvement with the edit itself, such as leaving out shots where the trick is way off in the distance or where he comes off early from a rail, there are stil plenty of bangers here. The backside 9 on the Brits big air kicker at 2:52 was a beaut! The kid's only 13 so he's definitely got time to polish up those cutting skills, and it goes without saying that his riding will only get better and better as well!