[mpora_video id=AAd8hwy7u92l]

The FBBB edits are coming thick and fast, and we sure as hell aren’t complaining - particularly when they’re of the kind of quality we’ve been seeing over the past few months. From the feel good, to the creatively soundtracked, the guys have had all bases covered. Here’s a slickly produced (credit to Rowan Biddescombe) GoPro edit from a quiet evening up at Sno!zone Milton Keynes featuring Ollie Dutton, Gareth Andrews, Rowan Biddiscombe, Andy Nudds, Aly Mac and Jake Terry.

Now this quietness may not have entirely been down to a stroke of good fortune – when the shredding is this impressive, you can't help but wonder if the riders of lesser experience are actually cowering in fear in the changing rooms. Let’s hope not eh? Even if they are sickeningly good on a snowboard, they're a friendly bunch really.