Hemel Hempstead once again hosted the return of Gap Nation, the indoor Snowboard event presented by For Boarders By Boarders. With the Hemel park crew consistently building the best kickers in the country, it was always going to be an awesome event. With the idea behind the event being you gap onto every feature (Gap Nation...get it?) there were transfers and spin-ons galore. The comp also saw the return of the Wicked Camper Van to the course design which Si Cudlip, Ollie Dutton and Faye Young were more than happy to huck over.

Ollie Dutton Front 360 over the Wicked Camper.

The competition was split into an Under 16 category and a 16+ category, giving the wee rippers a chance to showcase their skills. With a great turnout (over 90 riders!) competing in an open jam format the vibe was nice and relaxed. There were smiles all round with the pros pitching in with the beginners and helping everyone pretty much have fun!

For all the results see below

Becky Menday Nose grab to 50.50 on the van

Men's Under 16

1. Josh Ogden

2. Jake Binnie

3. Max Wittrick

Women's Under 16

1. Becky Menday

2. Cerys Allen

3. Nathalie Silkstone

Male 16+

1. Simon Cudlip

2. Ollie Dutton

3. Cody Heirons

Female 16+

1. Faye Young

2. Kat Miller

3. Alise Balode