The all star cast of the new Indiana Jones movie have just set loose their teaser for 'EVERYBODY IS IN' to the world. Solid filming and some bangers in there from the likes of Filippo Kratter, Marco Concin, Lukas Goller, Matteo Zappaterra, Simon Gruber, Tato Chiala, Lorenzo Barbieri, Amedeo Viviani, Lorenzo Buzzon, Federico Jovanovic and Nicolo' Pezzato

Whilst they not be household names in the UK, they are the cream of the crop from our bunga bunga partying friends in Italy. A veritable civil war has broken out in the office over the track with the knee nibblers of the office thinking it's ripped straight from the Indiana Jones films and the elders of WLHQ finding it more relaxing than a Sunday afternoon trip to the park to feed the ducks. Thoughts?

We would like to pass our condolences onto the crew for the loss of Amedeo Vivani in a car crash earlier this year. We're sure the video is a fitting tribute to an absent friend.