This month in their wildly popular snowboard construction series Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal gang embrace the world of fashion. And we're not talking about skinny pants vs baggy pants or whether riders should wear their goggles in the streets. Nope, this is high fashion (ok ok, so it's hardly Gucci...) - think catwalks, leggy models, ridiculous prints and some truly, erm... interesting, outfits.

The crew team up with The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and enlist the help of a student designer to incorporate fabric and a sublimated metal photograph into the topsheet. The crazy graphic is all well and good but it's really that scythe shaped tail we're most hyped on in this build.

Like an asymmetric sidecut on crack, the shape means that heelside turns feel normal while toeside turns are much sharper, giving rise to a surfy/slashy feel. Watch how the board performs when a guy who happens to look like Dave Lee's identical twin brother (Manu Dominguez0) takes it for a spin at Bear Mountain. It's not quite as exciting as the glass snowboard or the 3d printed one but it's still something we've never seen before on a snowboard.

Don't go changing ETT.