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Guys love boobies, girls love their boobies and this month's Every Third Thursday from Signal is all about building awareness about breast cancer as they team up with the Keep-A-Breast Foundation. While the bra-inspired 'wearable' snowboard may not be the most exciting build that Signal have ever conceived, there's no denying that that base is pretty rad, and anything that helps tackle cancer of any kind has gotta be a good thing right? On another note, how fun does that makeshift park line look to ride? Melissa Riitano, Katie Williams and Jamie Madrid give it a right ol' seeing to on the boob board.

Has anyone else noticed that there's one particular Signal employee that's a tad more attractive than the rest (no offence Dave Lee)? If so, you're in luck, because turns out that she sheds her shirt and gets a plaster cast of her boobies in this episode. Wehhhhhyyyyy!! ;)