Here's another tidy full part from all-girl shred flick 'Eurotic'. We were trying to come with a super witty "a Slovenian and a Pole walk into a bar..." joke for this but failed miserably. We'll give you major props (and maybe a Whitelines mug) if you can come with a good one that actually makes sense.

Anyway, this is a solid part from two riders (Urska Pribosic and Diana Sadlowski) that we'll admit to not really being too familiar with and it's always good to see girls killing it in the streets. And how sick is the frontside 540 off the donkey dick at 2:23?

If you've got half an hour to spare it's well worth sitting down and watching the whole of Eurotic. After all, it was the fourth most viewed full movie on Whitelines in 2012 and also has an added bonus in the form of an Aimee Fuller cameo!