Oh my days. How the hell have we not seen before? In fact, how the hell has Eric Jackson's enormous talent managed to fly under the radar (relatively speaking) until now? I mean we knew John J's bro from the Standard Films that featured the pair of them back in the day, and we knew he ripped, but he'd always been overshadowed by his more illustrious brother - at least when it came to this kind of Travis Rice-beating, Video Part of the Year winning section.

John Jackson was the crossover superstar, E-Jack was known to serious shred-heads, but not to many outside that scene. All that changed with this monster part. Right now, we kinda feel a bit like the hunter in Bigfoot and the Hendersons - this huge hairy creature has been crashing around making his existence blindingly bloody obvious, and somehow, we'd been kept in the dark about it... d'oh.