Last month, Angus Leith, Scott Penman, Connor Carey (a.k.a. the wee breck bastards) teamed up with Marc McClement, Ian Ashmore and Marc Ruparelia for the second garden shred in Mike Jachacy's garden in Aviemore. were on hand to capture all of the action.

After shipping a load of truck-fulls of snow from Cairngorm mountain and sculpting a course on what is usually a makeshift BMX/MTB trail, everything was set for an epic session, all in celebration of Mike and Angus' birthdays.

Featuring a flat down rail, hip, tree stall, bibby, s-box and more, this has got to be one of the raddest (and sketchiest) backyard setups in all the land.

Of course it pissed it down, but in a way it looks like it added to the atmosphere - and it is Scotland after all...