We're simple beasts, really; give us a great tune on a teaser and we're sold. Hence why we fell in love with Hara Kiri's En Voiture Simone trailer as soon as we heard the first few bars of Lard. Three months later, here's the finished film in its (free) entirety.

The music's mostly great in this too, a very eclectic mix including Alex Ebert, Blondie, Slayer, Motörhead, the Vandals and even Tom Jones. Although nothing beats the credits music - we're not sure who Patrick Sebastien is, but he rocks!

As for the riding, the flick's stuffed full of bangers. If you're pushed for time, just check out Johann Baisamy's mini-section at roughly 21 minutes. Even with a flat landing that only just qualifies as powder, he still sticks a super-clean double cork. Then there's his front 3 ender....

All in all, the whole movie's definitely worth a deep. And you can't argue with the price.