Jibber and kicker-rider extraordinaire Eddie Wall, who recently split with his sponsors at Forum, has just launched a new video blog called Video Hyper Shred. The project is being run in collaboration with Pierre Wikberg, the brains behind the DC Mtn Lab movies, so as you'd expect there's plenty of goofing about with fellow pros and a pumping 80s soundtrack.

Eddie claims the aim behind the blog (beyond a bit of self promotion of course) is to show the kids "the whole lifestyle around snowbaording, not just 25 polished tricks" - which judging by the trailer below is a lot of boozing, fast food eating and clowning around in the backcountry. Kinda like Devun Walsh's old Wildcat movies, really. Who said rock n roll snowboarding was dead? Live the dream Eddie, live the dream.

Video Hyper Shred Teaser - March 2010 from Video Hyper Shred on Vimeo.