Eddie Wall is one of the good guys. He's a legend of the sport, a thoroughly nice dude, and has scored video sections in the likes of Videogangs, That, and the DC Mtn.Lab flicks. He's also clearly a fan of wordplay, as there's now an annual event at Mammoth called the Eddie Wall Ride which takes the form of, you guessed it, a wallride jam:

With a chain-link fence feature as well as a classic wallride, and Eddie himself looking on, the riders got to it. Scooping best trick was young Cody Boan for a McTwist off the chain-link. Looks like this guy can ride snow as well as he shreds drymat! Also taking home a prize was Scotty Vine, who you might remember is probably the best one-footer around these days. Sure enough, it was more of that knee-jeopardising insanity that got him the gold. How does he do it?!