To celebrate the launch of FODT's new snowboard flick The Arena on the US iTunes store, they've just released this full part from heavy-hitting jibber Dylan Thompson. And when we say heavy, we mean HEAVY. The Technine rider appers to have taken up the mantle of burly yo-ness from MFM, and this latest section features some eye-watering spots - starting with the very first rail (which on pausing the tape we figure at something like 45 stairs!). The 50-50 to frontside 360 over the kink and back to 50-50 is also off the chain. Not for nothing has this vid already got nearly 20,000 views across the pond.

What with Keegan Valaika, NIck Sauvé, crazy Russians and even our own UK rail slayers upping the ante, snowboarding's jib scene seems to be entering a new chapter.