In London, you're statistically never more than about 5 feet away from a rat. In the States, it seems the same is true of ridiculously-talented shredders. There's so many that even the ams are utterly phenomenal. Take Dylan Alito - he's technically not even on the top roster for Thirty-Two, so is appearing in Ammo, their am movie. Then you watch this vid of over five minutes of urban insanity and think, 'what's a guy got to do to be a pro these days?!'

With this and his appearance in Volcom's Road Tested series, could Dylan be big in 2012? We certainly think so.

Incidentally, check out the final trick of this video - think it looks a little bit weird? That's cos it is. Dylan calls this little manoeuvre the 'Wormhole' and apparently no-one else on the planet can do 'em. Read the full story of the trick on the sequence page of Whitelines 99 (the December 2011 issue) which is out now.