Bristle Boarding Vol. 2 from IAN MACY on Vimeo.

As a UK shredder, it's easy to look at our some of our American cousins and get a little bit jealous. Take the people of Utah for example - I mean really, what have the Mormons ever done to deserve being born into a land of epic mountains and champagne powder (unless of course South Park is right and the Mormons did choose the right religion)? But while a lot of yanks have it too good, it's worth remembering that not all of them are so lucky. Take these kids from West Virginia and Maryland for example, who are so snow starved they've rigged themselves up some sketchy-ass version on a dryslope jib setup in the woods. And then actually managed to get pretty impressively good at jibbing it! I bet they're looking at 'Fax and going, "Dammit, why do the Brits get to have all the fun?"