This whirlwind of a trailer is for the follow up to last year's francophile favorite: Mille Bornes. The men at Almo Films have called it Drole De Vie (literally translated as "funny life").

We're not exactly sure where they're going with images of half-naked oiled-up guys with pneumatic drills, showers of socks and scantily-clad ladies getting their photo taken wearing a mask, but it does make for quite a spectacle - especially when helped along by a strangely fitting Greek soundtrack. Also, if you remember that Almo's first film featured custard pies, an epic game of snowboard rugby and animal fancy dress boardercross alongside the shred, it seems slightly less out there. Slightly.

Aside from the French humour, we're sure this is going to have some sick parts in it. It features new addition Victor de le Rue (who's been on top form this year) and former TTR champ Mathieu Crépel, as well as Sylvain Bourbousson, Thomas Delfino, Victor Daviet and more.

PS. (if you really want to impress your friends) you can even learn the dance to go with the trailer - straight from Zorba the Greek.