Being the nice dudes that we are here at Whitelines we’re always on the look out for stuff that we think you guys will find informative, weird, wonderful and above all, entertaining. So before you all go shooting us down: yes we know it’s not Friday (we can dream though right?) and that this is in no way related to snowboarding. Other than the fact, of course, that it does feature snowboarder Joe Rackley and was shot and edited by fellow snowboarder Rowan Biddiscombe - if that’s any consolation. Anyway, we thought this was a rad little edit and well worth a post.

So next time it’s grey and wet on a Sunday morning and you’re trying to decide between fixing up the mountain bike, doing your washing or settling in with the Kleenex and a spot of erm… web browsing, why not grab a sick filmer, a forty year old Mk 1 Ford Escort (or similar) and pretend you’re Ken Block for a day!

Great stuff fellas.