New Zealand didn’t have a great start to the season, but things seem to be on track now. One person who jumped at the chance to hit Queenstown recently is the so-hot-right-now Jye Kearney.

In a shot reminiscent of Mean Streets (but with an Antipodean shredder in place of a pissed-up Harvey Keitel), we meet Jye on Bondi Beach. Then it’s a quick flight to Queenstown to meet up with Nick Hyne, Jay Walsh and Nick Brown, then head straight for the hills.

The Snow Park setup look as awesome as ever, and all the riders are killing it. Extra respect to Nick Hyne for the coolest one-footers we’ve seen since Bode Merrill at High Cascade! There’s also a sweet night-riding session, and a clay pigeon shootout between Jye and Kiwi comedian Jeremy Elwood.

Four more episodes are on their way, and we’ll have them up here – for a sneak peak, check out the Diaries Down Under trailer.