To us northern-hemi lot, spring - with it's bright, fresh mornings, generally mild weather and awesome slushy snow conditions, couldn't seem further away right now. And while we've been scurrying to work with our umbrellas and rain jackets, our antipodean sheep-bothering brethren in the land of the long white cloud have been enjoying late season powder dumps and evening kicker sessions. No matter though because we've got a full six months of potential shred right around the corner which is almost twice as long as the Kiwi's... Wa-pow! Take that bros!

Seriously though, this final episode from Nick Hyne and the Diaries Downunder boys is as always, well worth a watch. Plenty of good riding and another great one to get us pumped for our own shredding this season. It may be the last Diaries Downunder episode until next year but there will no doubt be a few more southern hemisphere edits trickling through to further add to our pining for snow.

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