The Dew Tour halfpipe champs this year consists of a single event - the Ion Mountain Championships in Breckenridge. With all the prize money depending on a single event, the big guns were out in force meaning the result (it's only fair to say) was fairly predictable - in the men's comp at least. Yup, Shaun White cleaned up in the men's event, proving his complete mastery over the discipline that made his name once again and beating Louie Vito and Taku Hiraoka into second and third place respectively. In the women's, Kaitlyn Farrington beat out the much fancied Kelly Clark. Spaniard Queralt Castellet got second, while Elena Hight took third.

Despite the predictability of the men's first place finisher, there were a couple of stories worthy of note that emerged from the event. In the men's the 14-year-old Japanese prodigy Ayumu Hirano made the final and finished in 5th with a spectacular run, beating the likes of Scotty Lago and Greg Bretz in the process.

The women's comp saw the return of Torah Bright to the top flight of snowboard competition after a couple of years off. Unfortunately a butt-check in the final meant she couldn't quite challenge for the podium spots but given that this is an Olympic qualifying year, we're guessing the reigning champ will be training hard, and we wouldn't be surprised to see her taking the fight more effectively to Kaitlyn, and Queralt next time around. Watch this space.