Shortly after we interviewed him last season, Danny Davis won a Dew Tour Halfpipe event, got hammered to celebrate, and at about 3 in the morning, he tried to drive a quad-bike through a gate at high speed. Unfortunately, the gate was locked at the time. Danny and the friend he was riding with came off hard, leaving Davis unconscious with a fractured bone in his spine.

Which was a massive shame, cos it meant that this most rock n' roll of snowboarders was kept out of the Olympics, and was stopped from showing the world what snowboarding is really about on the biggest stage. Thankfully, after a long stint rehabbing, the beardy man is back, and back on it in style. While the rest of the world was doing the Dew Tour, Danny spent his time in Killington ripping around the Stash park, showing off his easy steeze... though unfortunately not his epic 'tache.