What do you get if you combine a ton of pro riders, a heap of snowcats and a bunch of guys trying to be 'creative' (seriously, how many times can you say the word in a single edit!)? The answer, obviously, is Danny Davis' Peace Pipe - a huge half-pipe with cutaway sections, hips, rails, a volcano and loads of different ways to ride it.

The project, which was the brainchild of everyone's favourite pipe-riding hippy dude Dany Davis, was constructed by the leading force in snowpark construction, Snow Park Technologies. Danny invited a whole host of pros, from legends like Terje Haakonsen to slopestyle specialists like Mark McMorris (who casually learns a frontside double cork in the pipe here!) to session his creation.

How fun does this look to ride? Saying that, it's not like many of us could ride this even if we wanted to - when you've got Mikkel Bang and Terje telling you it's difficult to ride, you jolly well know it is! You've got to admire Danny Davis' vision with this as well as his ability to well and truly throw down on it. How huge does he go off that hip!?