You may remember Dani Rajcsanyi from back in April, when his neon-onesie, suntan lotion adorning film crew RockonSB won the Nike Chosen Sessions. You may also remember him shredding some rails stark-bollock-naked in a German dome. As you do. Dani Rajcsanyi is a bit of a character to say the least and his snowboarding, as demonstrated in his full part from isenseven’s Kaleidoscope, is pretty unique as well. Dani adopts that super skinny stance style, but still manages to stomp some pretty big tricks here. The kid’s certainly got some skills but how unstable does that stance look to ride? It's a pretty big contrast to the last section we had from Ludwig Lejkner - variety is the spice of life though eh? And finally, how rad is that intro (other than having to see yet another shot of Dani’s nips)?