Nick Visconti and his tight pants are continuing to inspire and spread the love of snowboarding in his season finale of the Tahoe Dangerzone series. It's pretty funny shit, and the Styx song just adds that little extra something... but don't be sad, there will be a Season 3. In Nick Visconti's own words: "Everything good must transform, likewise Dangerzone will evolve for Season 3. I want to personally thank Tim Bradley, Josh Parker, Brent Oftedal, my family and Jesus Christ. There is also a list of snowboarders and supporters that dedicated themselves to the project. Without this group of people, Dangerzone creation would not have been successful." Jesus eh? Interesting... Keep your eyes peeled for more DangerZone goodness dropping soon.

Featured in "Sail Away": Nick Visconti, Joshua Parker, Brent Oftedal, Jason Robinson, Brett Butcher, Brendan Gerard, Brendon Drury, Chris Larson, Scott Stevens, Kyle Miller, Taylor Carlton, Brandon Cocard, James Brumfield, Alex Horgan, Jake Devine, Jacob & Kartier and many other guests.

Filming by Tim Bradley, Leland McNamara, Brian Reardon, Alcides, Sam Tuor, Mack Collins, Terry Ratzlaff, Paul Heran and Windells Media. Edit by Tim Bradley.