The Want We Want crew of Gérome Mathieu and Tyler Chorlton team up with Valérian Ducourtil, Johann Baisamy and Kareem El Rafie to spend 2 months in the Canadian shred mecca that is Whistler. On the cloudy down days when snowmobiling and shooting aren't on the cards (and anyone that has visited Whistler for a season will be able to assure you that there are LOTS of them), the guys got up to a whole load of other rad stuff including rolling buggies, dirt biking, argo riding (that amphibious tank-like thing at 3:00) a spot of partying and even surfing in the freezing winter waters of Vancouver Island. This one has it all, from pow lines, drops and backcountry kickers to park cruising and Tyler’s infamous tamedogs. Enjoy!