Travis Parker is a bonafide legend. From his early 'TB' appearances to his creative role in the brilliant Robotfood movies, he has made snowboarding look FUN... which is as it should be. Few riders can shred in a fat suit, do a road trip in a pedal powered car or come up with a completely unorthodox pro model and still be taken seriously. Since retiring from the sport a couple of years back, he's tried his hand as a sushi chef and park shaper, and word has it he is now going to college to study fine art. More exciting for us is the rumour that he is making a return to the pro ranks and will once more appear on celluloid in a new Airblaster film, Respect Your Elders. To celebrate the news we figured we'd post this classic clip of Travis and his DC team mates doing what they do best: getting creative. Check out the laid-out backflip over the natural roller at the start - not the biggest, granted, but we think it just might be the coolest backflip ever.