Fancy a spot on the Burton global team? Then take a leaf out of Ethan Deiss’ book and put out a sponsor me tape like this one. This three and a half minute section of mind-blowing jibbing from back in 08/09 took Ethan from unknown Midwestern 17 year old to Burton jib-superstar in a matter of months. And it’s pretty obvious why he was snapped up by the big B so damn quick. Everything he does is executed with a precision and flawlessness that’s simply way beyond his years. Tricks such as the nosepress down the harsh-as-f*ck triple kink at 00:38 and the front 50-50 – front 360 to 50-50 on the double kink at 3:10 are no walk in the park but Ethan makes 'em look as easy as falling off a log. Whether you've never seen it before or simply need reminding of just how sick it was, this is essential viewing.