As you are no doubt aware, the Vancouver Canucks yesterday lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. The reason why we're sure you heard the news is that the Canuck fans weren't exactly gracious in defeat, earning them spots on news bulletins across the globe.

Well, hopefully this will cheer up the Vancouverians? Vancouvrons? Vancouverites. Ice hockey's big prize may have eluded you for the third time, but rememberthat you still produce riders like this guy. Devun Walsh lays down a strong contender for most iconic part ever in The Resistance:

When he blew out his knee after only 6 days of filming, where was his riot? Maybe his fellow townsfolk had the foresight to realise that, even though he'd got less than a week's worth of shots, he'd still produce a banger. If so, how right they were.