I always think it's a bit weird when hollywood comes knocking on the door of the real world. It happened with Facebook. David Fincher, arguably one of the greatest film directors knocking about since he wet his tongue with 'Fight Club', took the story of Mark Zuckerburg, added in some boobs and cocaine you'd never find in a Harvard dorm room - ever - and made yet another stomping film. But it was odd that our world was taken and projected onto the silver screen. 'Chalet Girl' unfortunately isn't directed by Fincher, yet it's still odd how Bill Nighy, Bill Bailey and Ed Westwick (sorry, who?) are all in a film about snowboarding. Isn't it?

The bad news is that it's a rom-com. The good news is that there's some brilliant tricks being nailed by Felicity Jones' stunt doubles. Roxy Refreshments have teamed up with the cast and crew of the film to bring us this behind the scenes footage of how an actress who's only boarded for six weeks pulls off a backside 720. That said, she's got a 2:1 in English from Oxford. Wouldn't put it past her.

Click here to see the trailer for Chalet Girl.