Since its inception Forum has had a reputation for enlisting big-hitting rail jockeys with a few screws loose. From the early days of JP Walker and Jeremy Jones to the likes of Eddie Wall and Travis Kennedy, there's always been some Forum riders willing to risk life and limb in the quest for hair-raising urban shots. Cameron Pierce and Stevie Bell carry on the tradition with their joint part in last year's F*** It movie.

After an unsettling Being John Malkovich-esque into, Cameron lobs himself over an A-frame stairset with a backside 3 to 5050, and sets the tone for what's to come.Virtually every shot is terrifying, heart-in-mouth, brown-alert stuff. Mind you, there's no doubting his ability, especially when he stomps his last shot, a flawless back 1 to switch 5-0 to half-cab out.

Stevie Bell clearly didn't get as many shots as his team-mate, as his share of the section is shorter and has more filler. There's still some gold in there though, and he even gets out of the street and into the park. A solid switch backside 9 closes the show.