Everyone's favourite scandalous Scandi snowboard duo Kevin Backström and Tor Lundström return with a summer flavoured mini-edit to tie us over until season 2 of BYND x MDLS. The pair hit up Saas Fee alongside Wojtek Pawlusiak and go to town on some rails and a rather chunky cheese wedge.

Watch out for a ridiculously sick frontside 1080 shifty-shifty from Kevin and a decidedly failed attempt at a backside triple cork from Tor - which apparently left him blacked out and banged up enough to warrant a heli-lift to the nearest hospital:

I'm golden! Thanks for all the wishes frends.@kevinbackstrom is taking good care of me ☺#hitmyheadabittoohard #heli

Check out the full slam on the video posted on Tor's Instawang profile below:

tricktip: how to get blacked out on a BS triple cork...