Enni Rukajarvi and Seppe Smits each left the Burton US Open $5,000 dollars richer thanks to their wins in the Mini Creative Use of Space competition for slopestyle. The contest, which challenged riders to think outside the box on the slopestyle course, was tight-fought, with several shredders in the running for the award. The best thing about it, as Seppe explains at the end, is that even if you fall you can still take it. While Seppe's trick (a deliberate attempt to take the prize) was rad, Enni's is a bit more conventional, but then maybe that's the nature of the contest - it's hard to think of tons of ways to get super-creative on a straight kicker.

In fact, it's interesting the chosen obstacle for the CuOS was a kicker, because as well as the rider, the park shapers themselves were also gunning for a prize - their Mini CuOS feature going head to head with those created at the European Open and the Canadian Open for an overall shaping prize. Check out who won that contest here.