While we wait for the first solid footage of X-Games snowboarding, take a look at this edit of the recent US Open Rail Jam.

As rail jams go, this was a strange one. There was plenty of metal, but alongside it was a hip big enough for double-corks (at least if you're Seb Toots). Charles Reid's stratosphere-bothering airs in the hip earned him the top spot in the men's event, while Kjersti Buass took the win for the females. It's good to see Kjersti coming out on top: while many of her peers concentrate on either slopestyle or half pipe, the Norwegian does both. As a result, she's often marginally outclassed by riders who dedicate their practice time to one discipline.

There's no sign of her or her fellow podium-placers Jamie Anderson and Spencer O'Brien in this vid; probably because none of them ride for Burton, who made the edit. All of them are in Tignes for the X-Games though, so it won't be long before we see them in action again.