This year's Burton European Open once again redefined the boundaries of competitive snowboarding as two kids, one 14 and one 16, triumphed over seasoned veterans in the World Snowboard Tour 6 star halfpipe event. In the women's finals American Arielle Gold was able to oust reigning champion Kelly Clark with a massive cab 900, while 14 year old Ayumu Hirano from Japan rode with the kind of amplitude and technicality that is only really bettered by Shaun White, beating the likes of Iouri Podladtchikov, Scotty Lago and Luke Mitrani in the men's event.

Here is the official wrap up video from The World Snowboard Tour which includes key hits from the top riders and some very American commentary. If you take away one thing from the edit it should be that these two kids could very well be the future of halfpipe riding. Giants have risen in the pipe and largely still remain dominant, but inevitably they must also fall and young Arille and Ayumu could play a big part in that.

Sit up, take note (and check out our full report and shots from the event if you haven't already).