[mpora_video id='IAxLY58Lv/'] Yesterday's slopestyle semi-finals saw a strong showing from the Brits. Aimee Fuller was masssively unlucky not to qualify, while Ben Kilner was also riding well, though he too failed to make the cut in his heat. Which meant that going into today's slopestyle final, the UK had only one rider representing - Jamie. But as anyone who tuned into the Red Bull TV live stream earlier today will have realised, his familiar blue and silver helmet was nowhere to be seen. So what happened to Jamie Nicholls?

He started off well, throwing down the technical (and sooooooper-clean) slopestyle run you can see above to put himself in second place, and assure his eventual qualification through in sixth. He'd been riding strongly all week - Aimee Fuller, whose dulcet tones you can hear in the commentary, reckoned she'd seen him land that cab 10, 14 out of 16 times! He was on a roll. But as he stepped up to take his second run (and no doubt go even harder) this happened...

Yeah, ouch!! Not the kind of thing you'd ever expect from someone as solid as Jamie. He must-ve done that trick a million times and never had that happen before. But as chance would have it, yesterday was the day lady luck decided to hitch up her skirts and piss all over his proverbial chips. The bitch.

While I'm sure the slam pissed our boy off a treat (and no doubt dented his pride a bit) the worst of it is it also left Jamie with a damaged knee, meaning he had to pull out of today's slopestyle finals. He's flown back to the UK to get it checked out. We can only hope it's not too serious, and wish him a speedy recovery.

Keep your eye on the Red Bull live stream to follow all the action from the rest of the riders, and look out for the full results of today's slopestyle finals (and more sick photos like these) coming up later today.