As promised here is the third episode of the epic 'Brothers on the Run' series and what an episode it is. The Jackson brothers, John and Eric, are still joined by Travis Rice and Ian Walsh keeping the dream crew together!

Walshy and John-J sit this out due to Johns four back fractures, but like a kid in a candy shop, John simply can't help sneaking off from his mum and pinching a few oh so sweet goodies.

After stomping a perfect front three on the first jump, he tomahawks off the landing of his back seven causing everyone to fear the end of his riding in the series. Fortunately, he gets up and, taunting the skies, screams;

"Wooooo it felt good! I wana do it again!"

Sure enough, and in true Jackson brothers fashion, he gets up and stomps it second time round.

Travis, of course its Travis who pulls this one off, tracks out a different route and chucks a mental rodeo 7 off a hip onto a fresh landing. And Erics first trick off the second hit is just enormous, if he had landed that we would of flown to wherever in the world he is right now, picked up some roses and a Haribo Ring, got down on knee and asked the hairy monster to marry us!

Next up..... Surfing!