It’s all still very much about the surf for John and Eric Jackson and we’ve followed these guys so far along their epic journey that we feel it would almost be rude not to post an episode simply on the grounds of it containing no snowboarding - you can read our disclaimer here!

Before hitting the waves the guys visit an underprivileged region of Mexico and stoke out the locals with some hotdogs and free skate shoes. If only they left a few skateboards as well – imagine the setups they could build with all that stuff laying around! Mystery man Panchito says farewell and takes off in the jungle (as you do) before the brothers paddle out into some double overheads at Pascuales. Watch them psych themselves up, and prove that they are indeed not robots and get scared of some stuff like the rest of us, before taking some gnarly slams and getting barrelled for the first time. More surf, and hopefully some southern hemisphere shred, to come!