Here's a story you don't come across everyday:

Brolin Mawejje, 20, escaped a rocky past and uncertain future back home in Uganda and jumped on the opportunity to move to the United States when he was twelve. Eight years on and he is living in Salt Lake City, studying for a doctorate and snowboarding with a view to representing Uganda for the first time at the 2018 winter Olympics.

Ok, so the trailer is definitely a little on the cheesy side but it certainly looks like the kid's got some skills, with some solid tricks in the backcountry.

Brolin's friends responsible for the production of the movie are looking for funding to make the documentary a reality and tell Brolin's story. You can support the cause here.

You might recall that Brolin isn't the first Ugandan snowboarder we've ever come across. We stumbled upon this edit of Paul Kabugo last summer and were impressed with his style (and penchant for an afterbang or two...).

Between the two of them, team Uganda is definitely showing some potential for 2018. Making it to the Olympics would be a dream come true for these guys and we'd be stoked to see it happen. It'd be like the snowboard equivalent of Cool Runnings!