[mpora_video id='jnOqGvV4E/'] This year's re-vamped British Snow Tour saw the series of indoor competitions condensed down into a single ma-hoosive, one-off jib-based spectacular in Castleford. The new format for the comp put the focus squarely on jibbing - concentrating on one of the aspects of snowboarding that the UK really excels at. Castleford's shapers laid out a perfectly groomed park like only they can, with a row of boxes side-by-side with a rail line. To win the thing, entrants had to be able to throw down on both, in a relaxed jam-format session. With a whole host of the country's best indoor rail-slayers lined up to ride, the event was always gonna be a big one.

In the women's comp Katie Ormerod took the title by tearing the course apart all evening - her frontflips off the flat box, and steezy-as-hell front boards made her the obvious standout. Laura Berry showed she's still got what it takes by throwing down to claim second place, while local Faye Young took third.

Katie Ormerod British Snow Tour

The men's comp saw a bit of a re-run of the Scotland vs. Yorkshire battle that defined the recent Westbeach Snowflex series event at Halifax - once again Danny McCormick and Jamie Trinder had come down from north of the border to challenge the Yorkshire lads Si Cudlipp and Sam Turnbull on their home turf. While Si and Sam whipped out some stylish 270s on and off (with Sam earning himself the title of Protest Rail-Slayer in the process) in the end it was Danny who prevailed again. His 270 gap on both the flat-down box and the flat-down rail gave him both the Trespass Jib-Master title and the overall prize.

Danny McCormick

The new format was given the thumbs-up by the riders on the night too, playing to their strengths and allowing them a chance to really shine outside of the rigid "two judged runs" format that usually dominates contests. So a big win not only for the podium finishers, but also for the new, re-vamped British Snow Tour. And while the snowdome action may be over for this year, there's still plenty to come, with the Indoor Invitational Championships at the Ski and Snowboard show in Earl's Court comign up quickly. Oh, and of course there's the small matter of the Brits themselves out in Laax in March. Check the British Snow Tour website or the Brits website for full details, and keep your eye on their Facebook page for special offers and the latest info.

British Indoor Snowboard Championships Results


1st – Danny McCormick

2nd – Simon Cudlip

3rd – Sam Turnbull


1st – Katie Ormerod

2nd – Laura Berry

3rd – Faye Young