They may have Euro roots, but Bataleon now has a burgeoning North American team that's heaving with talent. One of them, Brendan Keenan, is profiled here.

It's a name you might not know, (although we did report his move to Mr. B a couple of years ago), but don't expect that to last. 27-year old Brendan has a natural style in the backcountry that you don't see very often. After turning his back on the contest circuit, he's been slaying the pow at his home mountain of Mt. Seymour, as well as appearing in Sandbox films' Now You Know.

Unlike the Blauvelts of the world, he's also still got love for rails, and he's not too shabby on those either. He just seems keen to ride anything and everything, and sums it up pretty nicely at the end: "Why do I snowboard? Because it's f*cking fun, I dunno. I love it".